14 July 2009

My First Week at UiTM, Shah Alam

Nice to meet you..
I had been step at UiTM, Shah Alam..
just for sending my aunt study here..huhu..

when I came at UiTM for registration with my parents..
my life had change to be more meaningful and challenging in realize my dream to help my family..
I was told to take a room key at my beautiful college, Mawar..
After packing my stuff in my room..
my parents advice me to study smart in university but not study hard..
find right moment for having fun with friends..
and the most important is always remember to Allah..

second day at UiTM(28 june 2009)..
we, new students were registered as the student of UiTM, Shah Alam..
there were many procedure to follow and make me feel tired..
luckily,yesterday our PM MMS help us in complete our registration forms..

Then, my week in 'Minggu Mesra Siswa' began..
I as new students were told to hear many speech about UiTM..
the rules, UiTM's organization, know where my faculty,,
and many more..

well..i sleep in every speech,,but,
i hear what they said,,hah???
i just 'die' in the middle of the speech lorh..

When we sit at DSB or Annexe to attend the speech..
we,girl and boys are always have fight through our cheers,,but..
it's ok,,we just show our college's spirit..hahaha!MAWAR MANTAP!
That's my college trademark..hoho,
we as Mawarians never scare with their cheers..
GO! GO! GO!!!
it's the best moment i keep in my mind..(^,^)\/

Although it was tired week of MMS..
I learn new things here..
meet new classmates, new roommates, new friends!!!
they are nice to me and we're being good friends.,

I as the student of business computing [CS224],,

will enjoy my study here at UiTM, Shah Alam!!!!


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