16 September 2011

Irfan Makki - Mamma [Lirik | Download | Dengar ]

Irfan Makki - Mamma
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Everytime I think of you
You always make me smile
Whenever I feel down
You know how to cheer me up
Everytime I feel confused
And I don't know which way to choose
One thing for sure
I can always count on you
When I am near or when I'm far
Or when I'm completely lost..
In my heart I have no fear
Coz you're my guiding star.. oh!

Mamma.. you know that I love you
No matter what I, say or do
I can never thank you
Oo.. Mamma.. you know that I love you
You are the proof of what love can do
Truly you are God's miracle

You're my shelter from the rain
You're the shoulder I cry on
And whenever I feel pain
One touch from you and the pain is gone
And all I've ever dreamed to be
Is to make you proud of me
Coz never once
That you turn your back on me
You're healing words your tender touch
A warmth of your embrace..
The beauty of your soul
Shines to your loving face!

You're name was the first word 
I've ever spoken
You held my hand to the first step I've taken
When I wasn't well you watch me
Through the night
That is why paradise is under your feet

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